Coronasafe Network

We are looking for qualified volunteers in the following areas that share our enthusiasm for building solutions to complex on-ground problems

Call For Volunteers

Who reflect the nation's pride and have the heart to lift people up

1. Django Developer
   Proficient with Django and Python

2. Typescript React Frontend Developer
    Proficient with Typescript and React

3. Android Developer
   Proficient with Java and Android Studio

4. iOS Developer
   Proficient with Objective-C or Swift

6. Dev Ops
   AWS Cloud Management and CI/CD

5. UI/UX Developer
   Html, CSS, Tailwind/ Bootstrap,
   XD/Figma/ Sketch

7. UX/UI Developer
   Put ideas and share stories with
   the world

8. Digital Story Telling *
   To build awareness and narrate the story        to the world.

9. HR Specialist - Volunteer Community *
Self-starter and a person with high energy with a passion to work and enroll people. A background with recruitment practices will be preferred. 

10. Graphic Designer *
A cool designer with experience in creating catchy content for digital engagement. Should be good with Illustrator/Figma  

Who is eligible to apply?

Professionals who share our mission and values 

3+ years of experience in specific field

Minimum time commitment of 2 weeks between 6pm-10pm (Excluding Saturdays and sundays)

Special roles marked with "*" require a sustained commitment of 3 months

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions regarding Volunteering for CoronaSafe Network, write to us at 

Why Volunteer for Us?

Use your skills and knowledge to transform district level governance 


Get valuable experience on real time management of govt. systems 


Opportunity to work with a global multi-disciplinary team to drive systemic impact

Hear from our Volunteers

CoronaSafe Network is run today by 50+ dedicated volunteers who are leading members of the industry, academia and government united by a passion for public service and a relentless attitude to keep innvoating


The pandemic presented a whole lot of uncertainty to the world.  In times of chaos, I found a new purpose through volunteering. It has greatly helped me in adapting to the new world. 

A lawyer by profession, I soon realised that I have a skill for managing operations as well. As part of the operations team for CoronaSafe, I got introduced to inspiring officials in the government and also industry pioneers. Working alongside them has taught me more than any job or internship would have. 

- Aparna Sathianathan, Lawyer


Voluntering for coronasafe code-base enhancements was really enlightening. 

You not only get to work on a real world problem but also with the latest tech stacks as well. 

The team works really fast and hard to get you Pull Request in the right state and get it deployed in the hands of medical workers. 

It's a humbling feeling when you know the code you wrote is helping patients get their treatments proper and faster

- Robin Philip Thomas - Front-end @Freshworksinc


As a student, being part of the CoronaSafe organization has been a deeply humbling and incredible experience for me. The knowledge that my small contribution is helping millions of people be safer amid this pandemic is in itself rewarding, not to mention the interactions with different industry experts and officials. Having been part of the network for a while, the organization and its people are really close to my heart.
On a more technical note, handling Development Operations for the projects under the network has helped me gain exposure to several new technologies and methodologies. The work has proved to be demanding and at the same time exciting. Being an organization that delivers solutions in real-time to hospitals and care centres, you get to work in a fast-paced environment and gain experience in dealing with many different problems. 

- Faris Shajahan, CSE Final Year, NIT calicut 


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